Realtor + Designer

Expanding your business and relocating to a larger, more functional space is an exciting time in the growth of your company. It can also be overwhelming and deciding where to start can be a bit tricky…. But don’t fret, you are in good hands!

We collaborate with both the realtor and the client to help evaluate a property for your needs. Understanding the importance of a client’s unique real estate needs along with their business model is an important start to finding the perfect space.

Design by Dovetail

Design by Dovetail

Projects are the most successful when the designer is involved in the early stages of a project, working alongside the real estate professional to help assess potential spaces for our clients.  As commercial interior designers, we’re able to see a space beyond the initial attractiveness … or lack thereof. Feasability studies, 3D renderings and early conceptual designs and space plans can help a client see themselves in the space while addressing any problematic property features that may deter a client from considering what could be an ideal space. These tools are incredibly helpful in situations where the client is familiar with the past life of a building, when it’s hard to let go of what once was and envision something new.

We find that collaborative approaches to property evaluation lead to obtaining the perfect space with the perfect design solution.  When the result is a well-executed design and a space that performs to the client’s specific needs, you’ll have all the makings for a great business!