RESI/MERCIAL: A Touch of Home

RESIMERCIAL res·i·mer·cial | re-zə-ˈmərSHəl : creating a residential atmosphere in a commercial environment. 

resimercial design concept for a retail bank branch - design by DOVETAIL

resimercial design concept for a retail bank branch - design by DOVETAIL

There’s nothing better than coming home from a long day of work or a frantic day of running errands to plop down on the sofa and just relax…. Even if you’re still trying to play catch up, responding to emails and returning phone calls, there’s just something about the comfort of home that tends to alleviate some of the stress of that tedious to do list.

For the last couple years the idea of creating that same cozy atmosphere in a commercial setting has deeply established itself in commercial interior design, especially office design… a shift from sterile, standardized work environments to a more inviting and comfortable workplace that facilitates collaboration, productivity, and boosts office morale…and we LOVE it!

The resimercial design concept not only applies to office environments, though. Typically, when we think of that residential feel in commercial settings, we think of soft seating that serves a dual purpose, such as a secondary workspace or a touchdown meeting spot. Or the traditional break room, that usually consisted of a countertop microwave, refrigerator, and table and chairs, has now transformed into a communal kitchen that we might see in our own homes.  However, where employee satisfaction was once the main goal, resimercial interiors are now gaining popularity in other public areas including healthcare facilities, educational and banking institutions. Now customers, not just employees, are experiencing that at-home hospitality feel in lobbies, waiting rooms, and gathering spaces that use materials, textures, design features, and furniture to create relaxing and welcoming environments. 

With the resimercial trend taking hold, it’s more important than ever that consumers understand the importance of selecting commercial-grade finishes and furnishings to incorporate in their spaces.  Outfitting your lobby with the same arm chairs and area rugs you’d put in your own home will not hold up to the everyday wear and tear of public traffic coming through your space – it wasn’t made for that.  Not to fret though, commercial furniture and material manufacturers are on the resimercial bandwagon and there’s some great products out there that will hold up in high-traffic areas but still give you that residential look and feel. 

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