First Impressions: Creating the Perfect Medspa Experience

First impressions are important, and when your clients walk in your doors for the first time, the design of your medspa, professional clinic, or wellness center has a direct effect on how your clients and patients feel. Your customers hold a certain expectation based upon your brand and services offered, and your interior should provide that perfect balance between clinical and luxury, creating a stress-free, and memorable experience. 


Source:  Jeffrey Court

When designing your interiors, I find it so important to consider your brand message.  What goal do you have in mind? What kind of experience do you want your clients to walk away with? What sets you apart from the competition? Use interior design as an important piece of your marketing strategy and let this be the driving force when generating design concepts for your space (learn more about that here!).  You’ll find that decisions regarding the image you want to portray to your clientele becomes much clearer.


Atmosphere plays an important part in the customer’s overall experience.  Atmosphere evokes a certain mood or feeling that we experience with our senses, that then attaches itself to a place.  Whether we’re aware of it or not, we take in a physical environment with our sight, what we hear, what we smell, and our sense of touch and we form opinions about that establishment based on the sensual details we’ve experienced in the space.  That’s why it’s important when implementing a specific design to be aware of how the design and material selections of your space can affect the atmosphere you’re wanting to create.


Lighting is one of the key players in any design concept. Lighting allows us to visually experience a space, but by incorporating a carefully crafted lighting design, we can create a space that's more versatile and controlled. Include a mix of ambient, task, decorative, accent, and natural lighting in your design to add interest and mood all while providing adequate illumination. 


Thoughtful selection of materials – be it our flooring, fabrics & furnishings, wall or window treatments – drives our senses to formulate a specific customer experience.  Studies have shown that color has psychological effects on our emotions – warmer hues of red, orange, and yellow are associated with energy, excitement, and happiness, while cooler colors, such as blues and purples, have a more tranquil calming effect.


Textures have a tactile quality, igniting our sense of touch and how the material makes us feel.  If you’re looking to create a luxurious experience for you clients, opt for plush furniture with smooth, soft fabrics.  Or if you’re spa brands itself as using natural, holistic approaches, you may want to include textural materials such as cotton, wood, or  sisal that speak to the unprocessed, natural inherent qualities of that material.Texture stimulates not only our sense of touch but also our sight.   A mix of materials adds interest bringing visual weight and balance to a room. 

A thoughtfully designed space that functions properly and considers elements such as lighting, color, and texture can reinforce your specific brand and create a carefully crafted atmosphere, taking what would have been a good design and turning into a great design for your clientele to experience.

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