Interior Branding - Designed to Sell

Did you know the design of your interiors could be hard at work putting more dollars in your pocket?

Designed to Sell: Strengthening Your Brand

Time is spent pouring over the image and message we want to project to our clients. We develop a brand and we finesse our logo, website, and print materials to match the vision and image we want to project.  But why should our marketing strategy stop there? 

How we work, and the spaces in which we work, can speak volumes. Why not mirror that same image we’ve worked so hard to develop into our physical work environment? Let's create a space that is a direct embodiment of our brand, one that communicates our identity and delivers a carefully articulated experience to our customers and employees alike. By blending interior design and our company brand we can strengthen our identity.

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What is Interior Branding?

 Apple, Google and Starbucks all have a definitive branding image that’s effectively communicated through their interior spaces. If you walk into any Apple store, take away the signage and the Apple logos, you would know exactly which computer store you’re at… How? – by the clean, minimal, streamlined design approach of their retail stores – essentially reinforcing their image of being on the cutting edge of technology.  Interior branding is used to convey a company’s brand through the layout of a space, the materials and finishes used, lighting, signage, and furniture to create an atmosphere and experience for its customers and employees.

Why Blend Interior Design with your Brand?

It just makes marketing sense. First impressions matter.  If a customer is not familiar with your company, walks through your doors for the first time, they are going to instantly form an opinion based on what they see and how they feel in your space. Be in control of the image you want to portray to your customers.  Perhaps you’re a law firm that specializes in family and divorce law and your marketing approach centers around offering your clients a comfortable, trusting  experience in what otherwise is a stressful situation.  You can reinforce this concept in the interior design of your space by creating a relaxing, homelike environment through carefully selected lighting, fabrics, and furnishings. 

Or maybe a customer comes to your place of business, timidly walking through the door, only to ask someone if they’re in the right place. Your space could probably use some attention.  Effective signage along with incorporating your logo colors in your office interior could easily address the issue.

For those of you that are selling a service rather than a product, and may not have clients or customers coming through your office doors every day, you may be thinking “why do I need to be concerned with interior branding?”.  Take Google, for example. Google successfully uses interior design in their workspace to their marketing advantage – not only to define their image but to differentiate themselves from other tech companies when competing for top talent.  Anyone that’s familiar with the offices of Google can pinpoint them right away. They’re a little quirky, but they seek to communicate a workplace that’s fun, energetic, creative, unconventional, and limitless in their imaginative thinking – and they’ve nailed it.  Granted, not all companies desire or have the means to install indoor slides or putt-putt golf courses, but this is part of Google’s brand and unique marketing strategy and they’ve mastered it.

Design by DOVETAIL

Design by DOVETAIL

Benefits of Interior Branding

 Interior branding reinforces your vision and mission statement of why you do what you do and what you have to offer. It identifies you in your particular market segment. It sets you apart from the competition by honing in on the qualities that make your product or service unique. 

From a more internal operating standpoint, interior branding can be used as an effective talent recruiting tool.  Potential employees want to work in environments with positive office morale, that are comfortable, low stress, and have great amenities.  After all, most of us spend just as much time in our offices as our homes… why shouldn’t they be just as nice?

Implementing Interior Branding in your Space

Interested in assessing your place of business and conferring how to better integrate it into your marketing strategy? We can help.  We’d love to sit down with you, discuss your mission and vision and offer effective solutions on how to incorporate branding in your commercial space. Click below to get in touch.