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Creating Your New Home Office

It’s a beautiful day here in the Bluegrass State and we hope you are all staying healthy and happy during this crazy time. For those working remotely it has been a challenge. At first, we thought we might be working from home for just a couple weeks so we made do with what we had. For some it was the dining table, for others it was the coffee table. When we’re sitting in front of the computer for hours every day it is important to have an ergonomic work environment. That means a desk chair and a worksurface that is the proper height. At Dovetail, we also believe we are more productive in a beautifully designed environment. If you’re looking for interior design ideas to create a better home office, check out some of our thoughts here.

A few of our favorite home office desk chairs: Chair #5 was created for commercial environments and will offer the best ergonomics. Click the links below for more information.

There are so many amazing desks out there, it can be overwhelming, so we’ve narrowed down a few to make it a little easier. Remember to double check the dimensions to be sure the desk will fit in your space. There are several great combinations here; we are really loving Desk 8 with Chair 1.

Now for all the fun finishing touches that really make a space feel complete. Hang a couple pieces of art on the wall, find some cute ways to organize all the clutter, and use a desk lamp for both task lighting and to anchor the other desk accessories. So much fun!

Thanks for stopping by! Stay healthy, happy, and productive while working from home!

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