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Maximize Your Closet Space

I’ve heard most people only wear 1/3 of the clothes in their closets. And that the average woman owns 31 pairs of shoes! Some good organizing advice is to purge out anything you haven’t worn in 18 months, make all your hangers uniform, and label matching bins to corral all the small miscellaneous items like gloves and other accessories. As for the design of the closet itself, we have some tips on how to get the most out of the space. Shown here are a few dream closets we have recently designed:

In this closet, we mounted the hanging rods a little higher to allow extra hanging length for the homeowner’s tall clothes. A really beautiful detail here is the white oak hanging rods with recessed LED lighting above. The white oak material repeats on the drawer fronts and shoe shelves. I recommend getting out the tape measure and measuring how much space you use for shoes. It adds up quick, and you want room to grow. I also recommend installing adjustable shelves flat (not angled) so the shelves can be used for anything, not just shoes. At the top, we added crown molding to create a perfectly finished look.

We carved a little space out of the bedroom to make this closet large enough for an island. The walnut top adds warmth to the all-white closet. The window seat was added between the shoe shelves for the perfect place to sit down and put on shoes. The drawers on the island face the window seat to keep socks conveniently located. Whenever possible, we like to design the shelves deep enough to hold the entire width of the hanger (so nothing is hanging over the edge).

We borrowed square footage from the bedroom for this closet too. We had to pack a ton of function into this tiny space; it serves as both the laundry room and the primary closet. This small but mighty room has two built-in hampers, ironing board, dry rack, valet rods, charging stations, and plenty of drawer storage for all the small things. The washer and dryer are raised to make laundry more convenient, provide space for a built-in drain, and hide an HVAC duct. We were watching every inch!

Thanks for stopping by! We hope you’ve been inspired!


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