5 Ways to Add Drama To Your Ceilings

Whether planning a new construction project or a small renovation, don’t leave your ceilings overlooked.  Ceilings can make a big impact statement and with a little inspiration and creative thinking you can breathe new life into your space.


Rethink your standard acoustical grid and opt for LED integrated linear lighting with a compatible suspension system for a seamless, minimal, and uniform design. Some products, such as Armstrong’s T-Bar LED don’t encroach on the plenum space, allowing for increased ceiling height.  Installation is fairly simple and can cut labor and material costs by half.

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Exposed ceilings can make a big impression.  Take it to the next level by drawing attention to certain features – adding a pop of color to a few overhead piping elements can add interest and a new level of detail to what already exists.  Want to emphasize a particular area in your space – an order counter or small seating arrangement, for example? A few decorative pendants from a suspended cloud is an inexpensive, quick solution.

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Break up a long hallway by creating more visual planes.  This wrap-around, wall-to-ceiling, backlit panel paired with a dropped ceiling with cove light adds a bit more interest than your typical white box of a hallway.  

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Have your eye travel from the floor all the way to ceiling, taking in the whole design of a room by selecting appropriate materials and applying them from floor-to-wall-to-ceiling. This works great in a conference room application by drawing interest from the table to the presentation. 

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For those spaces adorned with stunning millwork, don’t forget to take that same level of craftmanship and finish to the ceiling. This coffered ceiling look is the perfect accent to what’s going on in the rest of the room.  Highlight the details with cove lighting for a more dramatic effect.

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