Design + Execution: The Stress-Free Renovation

Renovating an existing space, be it a restaurant, office space, doctor’s office, or even your own home, can be both an exciting and overwhelming time.  Some clients want to be involved with every stage of the decision-making process, while others seek out our guidance and expertise because they do not have the time or patience to make project-based decisions.

At Dovetail, we like to offer a flexible, yet streamlined design process that provides our clients with a hassle-free experience, whether you want to be involved every step of the way or you’d rather step back and wait for move-in day.   

turnkey design execution dovetail lexington ky interior design renovation.JPG

Our design + execution process offers a turn-key like solution where we can design and manage the entire project from start to finish, reducing the stress on the client and becoming the main point of contact of a project, taking on the responsibility of problem-solving and supervising the execution and quality of work so you don’t have to.


First, we schedule an initial consultation with our clients, to get to know them, their business model, and the project requirements. Next, we begin to pull together schematic ideas to make sure we’re heading in the right direction. We look at space plans, flooring options, color schemes, and much more. 

Once we finalize the details of the design, we work towards a solid construction budget. Have a contractor in mind? Great – if not, that’s ok, too.  We can recommend contractors and obtain competitive bidding to outfit the best team for your project.  Once construction starts, we can become the main point of contact keeping communication clear and simple, keeping you, the client, up-to-date on the timeline and schedule of the project. We are here to be your voice, communicating your wishes precisely and sufficiently.

The project doesn’t end once construction wraps up.  We are here to fill your new space with everything you need to walk to through the door, take the keys, and conduct business as usual, including furnishings, lighting, window treatments, art, and accessories.  No detail is overlooked.


Hiring a designer provides a beginning-to-end solution to any problems that may arise during construction. It’s our responsibility to ensure that the project quality is up-to-par, on budget, and built according to the design agreed upon. Having a designer on your side provides you with a higher level of branding and personalization for your space.  Because we are exposed to so many products and materials, we can select finishes and create design details that truly capture your aesthetic and brand and performs. By understanding your project needs and business culture, we can offer solutions that work best for your space. So, sit back and relax - let us handle the stress and management of construction!