6 Paint Colors Trending This Spring

It has been a long, cold, cloudy winter in Kentucky and we are ready for Spring!  Bring on the blue skies and warmer temperatures.  The change in seasons has us looking at fresh, new paint colors as well.  And we do mean COLOR, everywhere we look we are seeing vibrant hues.  Take a look at the top 6 paint colors we see trending this spring.

emerald paint color interior design.JPG


This deep, moody shade of emerald creates a dramatic yet thoughtful atmosphere.  Bring the outdoors in with this wistful, leafy hue.  Wouldn't this be remarkable on a conference room accent wall?

blush paint color interior design.JPG


We have been eyeing this color for a while now, but it is still going strong this spring.  We love everything about this shade of pink, it seems to soothe the soul.  It is packed with romance and a softness that is hard to resist.  This would be stunning in a high-gloss finish on the ceiling.

chartreuse paint color interior design.JPG


Cheerful, but somehow still cozy this energetic color is both visually interesting yet still comforting.  We love how it is playfully paired with a variety of patterns and colors including green, blue and red.

green paint color interior design.JPG


This lively shade of green is sure to get attention.  It has a tailored, crispness that we love but is also spirited and exciting.

blue paint color interior design.JPG


Always a timeless classic, a blue room can change drastically with furnishings.  Blue pairs well with a variety of styles including equestrian, industrial, traditional, formal, casual and even global.  Try it on an accent wall or go bold and fill the entire space.

black paint color interior design.JPG


Black is actually not a color, but we are completely on board with an all-black space.  We love how sleek and dramatic it is.  It can be both masculine and feminine and look incredible in both a flat and gloss finish.

It appears that people are ready for color as much as they are ready for spring! We are seeing colors mixed together in ways we have not noticed before.  Cultures around the world are impacting the way we see and combine colors.  Let us know how we can help you with your color palette!